Our Quality Policy

The general manager and all employees of the company declare the following quality obligations and emphasize to fulfill these aims and, if necessary, to rework because of personal commitment. The concerns of environmental care are observed.

PWS has voluntarily introduced a quality managment system in order to meet the necessary requirements towards the company. An authorized representative for quality management has been determined for these duties and vest with responsibility as a management representative.

The customer's contentment is our focus of attention. We intend to continue and to ensure the customer's contentment with punctual, complete and perfect work. Moreover, we want to encourage an open dialogue with the general public.

We want to motivate our employees to improve their qualifications and to keep their jobs. The employee's highest maxim of action is the orientation towards customers, product quality, punctuality and openness for innovations.

The employees commit themselves to follow the principles of environmental care, to avoid negative effects on the environment and to consider possible environment influences (with regard to ground, air and water) concerning new products.

We unite practical experience and a high degree of innovation and environmental care to manage our present and future duties.

We demand and encourage initiative and innovation, development of own ideas and inter-divisional cooperation of all divisions.

The company orientates itself by the recent state of the art concerning the planning and establishment of new methods. Environmental and quality consequences of every new activity, every new product and every new method are assessed in advance.

The company cooperates loyally and openly with administrative bodies, other companies and with the general public. This includes a neighbourhood relationship towards residents.

We feel a rapport with our home region and show this in publicity statements and the company appearance.

In order to ensure continously the lasting development of qualitative products, deviations of preceding aims are rectified by the management.

The existence of the company is legitimated in the marketing of products and service and, as a result, in the securing of jobs. The customers are to be convinced of the company's performance and its products and services only in the entirety of innovation combined with the highest quality requirement subject to all conceivable ecological aspects.