Foundation and Company Development

With the beginning of the production of gear generating tools and milling cutters by the Rohde & Dörrenberg company, Düsseldorf, the tradition of the PWS company of Schmoelln takes its course.

original catalogue of the fifties

The Beginning of the Fifties
The PWS trades under the name of Präzisions-Werkzeugfabrik Schmoelln and is part of the Soviet controlled  AG "Awtowelo", a state-owned stock-holding company.

Enlargement: Milling Cutters in the Catalogue of the Fifties

Year of the specialization on milling cutters and gear generating tools within the frame of the uniting of state-owned companies (VVB). The PWS becomes state-owned und exports mainly, even at that time, many tools via the WMW-export to other European countries. Its name is now VEB Präzisionswerkzeugfabrik Schmoelln.

The PWS (VEB Praezisionswerkzeugfabrik Schmoelln), being state-owned, is part of the VEB Werkzeugkombinat Schmalkalden. Besides gear generating tools and milling cutters, segmental saw blades are produced.

The Eighties
The PWS develops into a major tool manufacturer inside the GDR with outlets in all four corners of the earth.

August 13th, 1993
The PWS was founded by the SKM Sächsische Kunststoff- und Metallwerke Holding GmbH who has its head office in Beierfeld. The capital stock was 50.000 D-mark.

February 2nd, 1994
Incorporated in the commercial register. (HRB 4057).

April 1994
The PWA Präzisionswerkzeuge Altenburg GmbH acquires the PWS business interest from the SKM company. The PWA continues the operative business which was started in 1993. The PWS continued existing as a limited company.

March 21st, 1997
The PWS resumed the operative business. 54 employees were taken over from the PWA in order to continue the business. Another 12 employees were recruited.

April 22nd, 1997
The associate decided to increase the original investment by another 200.000 D-mark which was taken over from the CGG Beteiligungen, Hamm. The increase of the original investment is registered in the commercial register.

October 28th, 1997
Dr Rainer Albert became the new managing director.

late 1997
In order to protect important results of the research, the brand Blue Chip® was protected by law.

August 1st, 1998
The apprentice formation started in order to ensure the continued existence of the employees.

October 1998
The CGG has acquired 50,000 German mark of original investment of the economy trust. As a result, the CGG became an associate of the company at 100 per cent.

The PWS earns an annual turnover of more that 7.4 million German mark for the first time.

June and September 2000
The PWS presented its first Blue Chip®- tools at the METAV in Düsseldorf und at the AMB in Stuttgart.

Exhibition booth at the AMB 2000 in Stuttgart

September 2000
As the first tool manufacturer, the PWS obtains both the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:1994 of TÜV Rheinland and the EU-Öko-Audit of the Chamber of the East-Thuringian Industry and Commerce, valid up to 09-2003

Enlargement: Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001   Enlargement: Certificate EU-Oeko-Audit

late 2000
For the third time in sequence, the PWS achieves an increasing turnover (more than 7,5 million D-mark per annum).

The company has 74 employees, among them 7 industrial trainees.

September 12th to 19th, 2001
The PWS presented the prototype of a relief-grinded milling cutter for bandsaws at the EMO in Hannover.

Milling cutter for band saws at the EMO 2001

May 2002
In May 2002, SAACKE Bros. Ltd., aquires the majority of the shares of PWS Präzisionswerkzeuge Ltd. The enterprise, steeped in tradition and founded in 1892 by the brothers Carl Julius and Paul Saacke, is producing precision tools and tool grinding machines. The merger of both firms means an ideal supplementation of their respective range of products and the possibility to use common distribution channels. Nevertheless, PWS and SAACKE remain two judicially independent firms. Being a team, SAACKE and PWS speed up the consolidation of their position in the market on national and international level.

Fa. Saacke

September 2002
PWS helps in Grimma.    Read more ...

September 2003
Certification according to ISO 9001:2000.

Juni 2004
Auf der METAV in Düsseldorf präsentierten sich SAACKE und PWS auf einem gemeinsamen Messe-Stand.

Saacke & PWS auf der METAV 2004

September 2006
Certification according to ISO 9001:2000.

September 2009
Certification according to ISO 9001:2008.

September 2012
Certification according to ISO 9001:2008.

Certificate ISO 9001

September 2015
Certification according to ISO 9001:2008.

Certificate ISO 9001